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DELMAR is a leading construction firm with its creative architectural designs, high technology applications and superior quality, while specializing general contracting, realestate development, and project management. Foundation of its success is integrated construction applications and project management, and actualization of this integration.

Delmar Construction produces the most suitable solutions for all phases from finding the appropriate land and realization of formalities to the selection of best project concept, preparation of alternatives for draft project to the master plan, readying of project drawings from statical, mechanical, architectural to application, and the turn-key delivery to furbishing.

Delmar Construction also undertakes management, operation and energy efficiency optimization of the project, conducts risk analyses of completed projects and continuing construction, and achieves the best insurance terms by negotiation.

Our main goal is to have Delmar better recognized in Turkiye and the World, and make it a differentiated and trusted company offering the best services with a smile.