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All design and static calculations of Elit Grand Palas are made in accordance with Turkish standards and the Turkish Earthquake Directives that are currently in effect. The quality of the reinforced concrete carrier system is C30 which is above average standards, and the concrete steel class is ST3. Elit Grand Palas is being constructed according to detailed survey and drilling reports; concrete foundation radials transferring the loads to sturdy bases and proven earthquake-resistant concrete frame systems are employed. Materials used in construction are in compliance with TSE standards. All production materials are tested by construction surveillance firms and technical consultancies both on site and in laboratories.


Elit Grand Palas is equipped with the latest high-tech infrastructure and smart technology. You will enjoy working and living comfortably thanks to comfortable heating and ventilation systems, Wi-Fi (wireless internet connection) in many common areas and the lighting automation, which save energy. You are safe 24/7 with a security surveillance camera system, CCTV and experienced professional building management in Elit Grand Palas. A high quality intercom system allows for the control of incoming guests. The project includes 4 elevators with large capacity and air ventilation, security alarm, voice connection, and earthquake sensor. A central generator will be used for common areas in the Elit Grand Palas project.


The building is fully equipped with the highest level of fire protection with early warning sprinkler fire extinguishers, a fire extinguisher-sprinkler system in all common areas, parking areas, and inside the suites, 3 internal fire ladders, fire cabinets in floor hallways containing fire extinguisher hoses and tubes, an automatic fire system connected to the security center.


The following are to be offered at the Elit Grand Palas:

  • Central, automatically controlled ventilation, heating and air conditioning system,
  • Automatically controlled central heating system composed of highly efficient natural gas boilers,
  • Thermostat system, distribution with pipes in the ground, and convector and/or panel radiators appropriate to the project, towel panel heaters in the bathrooms
  • 24-hour central hot water, silent pipe system for dirty water shafts,
  • Natural gas system with earthquake sensor, channeled cooling and ventilation system.

    Building automated and electronic meters suitable for individual share estimator, life protecting fault current relay, halogen-free cable installation that does not emit poisonous gasses, lightning protection installation and conductor, grounding installation, automatically activated central generator, latest satellite and cable TV infrastructure, telephone line in every suite, ADSL infrastructure for wireless internet, and electric installation with fault current relay having no junction box are some of the details considered in the Elit Grand Palas project for your security and comfort.