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Elit Grand Palas has been built in the neoclassical style, inspired by glorious creations of classical Turkish Islamic architecture since the time of the Seljuks, combining the past and the future in one structure benefiting from the opportunities of contemporary technology. Elit Grand Palas reflects our magnificent history to the present. As with all awe-inspiring classic structures of history, Elit Grand Palas has been designed as a magnificent and permanent creation not only for today, but also for tomorrow. The architecture of Elit Grand Palas reflects the modern face of Istanbul, a world famous historical city; it also has many reminiscences of Istanbul's old and rich historical heritage. It is shaped with principles combining functionality of classical architectural forms with the stability of modern construction technology in Istanbul, which is a bridge for cultures including Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans.

Elit Grand Palas uses examples from the Anatolian Seljuk period of caravanserai plan typology with its inner courtyard. Its plan, with comprehensive installation on an area of 55,000 square meters, surrounds an inner court garden with wings extending in two directions from the center with a ceiling 8 stories high symmetrical to the entrance axis over three basement floors. The central section is elevated with an entrance area arranged as a front gate to this 34 meter high structure. This 30 meter long 12 meter wide large vaulted dome on the roof creates a monumental appearance. The dome is covered with drawings from the Seljuk period with classical Turkish decorative motifs. The corner towers highlight this content integrity with two large symmetrical domes 12 meters in diameter located on two corners of its wings. The insignia stands in silent tribute to the history of the Ottomans.

With a magnificent welcome, the lobby, which functions as an entrance and gathering place, gives a magnificent welcome with its 500 square meter area and 7 meter high ceiling. It is illuminated with large archways that provide passage to an inner court garden of 4,000 square meters. The inner court garden has green landscaping, squares with pools, walking paths and recreational areas. The façade facing the inner court parallel to the convexity of the entrance façade has been arranged as a concave structure. The entrance section is designed in the neoclassical style that is generally used in 19th century Ottoman palaces and is arranged with a large welcoming eave and a series of high columns.

The semi-round neoclassical columns on two sides of this entrance section punctuate the stair towers. The classical period motifs used as decorations on the towers reflect the cosmos to the architecture. Closed geometrical shapes, the structures named as star systems, and octagons are the expressions of understanding of infinity and circularity. Turquoise and navy blue colors used in the inner architecture reflect the sky with large geometrical stars. The column window rhythm, arc corners and cornerstone, the muqarnas used on consols of bow windows and balconies, medallions and Seljuk motifs, moldings and eaves under the third and seventh floor windows, diamond embossed capitals of marble columns and cornices on the dome reflect the adornment understanding of the method. Design criteria for ecological buildings are essential for Elit Grand Palas residences and large transparent areas provide large amounts of sunlight entering the building and special landscaped gardens on each floor maintain a natural atmosphere.